Baseball Legend & HOF Pitcher Warren Spahn at North Canyon High School 1996

NFL Legend & HOF QB Johnny Unitas at one of my 1991 autograph signings 1st and only appearance in Arizona - Scottsdale Plaza Hotel $25 per autograph 

49ers Great Dwight Clark at the store 2017

NFL Hall of Fame receiver Steve Largent at the store

David Peralta 1st Autograph Appearance at North Phoenix Baptist Church

Brian Urlacher June 22 at the mall

Baseball Hall of Famer Lou Brock at the Scottsdale Plaza Hotel 1st Signing in Arizona

Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Warren Spahn at Tempe Kiwanis Park Gym

Cardinals Byron Murphy at the PV Store

Cardinals Legend Roy Green at the store in May 2019

Christian Kirk at the store May 4, 2019

1985 Bears legend Steve McMichael at the PV Store Nov 2019

Coach Lou Holtz at the store in PV Mall 2017

Larry Fitzgerald 

1st ever Public signing 2010

"The Bus" Steelers Legend Jerome Bettis

at the PV Store 2016

Thanks to Chase Edmonds for coming to the 

store Friday Nov 15 to meet fans

Henry Winkler AKA the Fonz at the store March 8

 Suns Ring of Honor Legend Walter Davis signs for fans   on July 10 in Scottsdale

Baseball Hall of Fame Pitcher Steve Carlton at

North Phoenix Baptist Church Card Show

ASU & Cowboys Legend Darren Woodson

at the PV Store 2018

Phillies Legend & Hall of Fame 3rd Baseman Mike Schmidt

with my mom at North Phoenix Baptist Church. His only valley

autograph appearance

Garrison Hearst at the 49ers Fan Club

Monday Night party Nov 15

Barry Sanders 1st & only autograph appearance in

Arizona / Tempe Kiwanis Park Gym

Eno Benjamin signing Saturday June 27 at Paradise Valley Mall

Paul Goldschmidt 1st signing at PV Mall

Oct 2011

David Johnson autograph appearance with us at Fan Cave in PV Mall

Kirk Gibson at the PV Store

"8 Touchdowns in one game"

 ASU star - 2018 NFL Draft pick

Kalen Ballage signs autographs

April 7 at the PV Mall store

Paul Goldschmidt at North Phoenix

Baptist Church 2013

Larry signs autographs  for fans in 2014

North Phoenix Baptist Church

The wife hanging with her favorite

Football player Larry Fitzgerald

Deion Sanders at our store in PV Mall.

Pete Rose signing a Jersey for

Luis Gonzalez at the PV Mall store

Larry Fitzgerald Signing autographs for us in September 2020

Chris Beanie Wells at PV Mall 1st ever Card Show 

NFL Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas


Thanks to Packers legend Ahman Green for coming to

 Phoenix October 25 to meet fans for autographs & pictures

Patrick Peterson signing at

Paradise Valley Mall Nov 8 , 2016

Baseball Hall of fame pitcher Juan Marichal at 

Tempe Kiwanis Park Gym

 Sports Collectors / fans - Our store is no longer open inside PV Mall If you are looking for Collectibles come see me at the Market in the Parking lot at the Deer Valley AMC Movies / Target shopping center  27th Ave & the 101 across from John C Lincoln Hospital - Exit 23 off the 101

See you Saturday September 10 -  Sept - April

 Market Hours 9am - 2pm 

over 100+ vendors will be setup selling all kinds of products starting in Sept

The 1st & only public autograph signing with Randy Johnson

in Phoenix  / North Phoenix Baptist church 2000

Hall of Fame Pitcher Goose Gossage at the Store

Friday March 8 signing autographs

Free Agent Sports Web Site

Baseball Hall of Fame Pitcher Don Sutton at

North Phoenix Baptist Church

2001 World Series Hero Luis Gonzalez signing autographs

 Game 7 winning hit photos at SUPERHERO Saturday 

ASU Legend Jalen Strong at the PV Store in 2018

Fitz Signing pieces for Cardinals fans

Cubs legend & Baseball Hall of Fame 2nd Baseman

Ryne Sandberg at one of our signings in Phoenix

Thanks to Archie Griffin for coming Friday Dec 27 to the store

Dennis Rodman at the PV Store Nov 2016

Johnny Unitas at our show in 1991 in Scottsdale

Coyotes Shane Doan at the PV Mall store 2017


Suns Jason Kidd signs autographs at

Tempe Kiwanis Park Gym

Steelers Hines Ward meeting fans at the Store November 17

The Free Agent Sports store is still standing inside PV Mall I forgot to take the sign down LOL

The last public autograph signing by Fitz

Greenway High School 2017

Jennie Finch at North Phoenix Baptist Church

Packers legend & NFL Hall of Famer Ray Nitschke

Signs autographs at Kiwanis Park Gym

49ers great Tom Rathman in Phoenix

Thanks to Erik Estrada for coming to Phoenix June 8 at PV Mall

NFL Hall of Fame Running Back

Steve Van Buren at The Baptist Church

Bears Great Jim McMahon 2014 at PV Mall

 Cardinals Legend & Hall of Fame Pitcher

Bob Gibson autograph appearance @ Kiwanis Park Gym

Cubs Great & HOFer Ryne Sandberg at PV Mall

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ASU Quarterback Manny Wilkins

at the PV Store Feb 9

Baseball Hall of fame pitcher Tom Seaver signs autographs at

North Phoenix Baptist Church making his only autograph appearance ever in Phoenix

Kurt Warner after the Super Bowl at PV Store

Cardinals Chase Edmonds at the PV Store 2018

Steelers Legend Mean Joe Greene 1st autograph appearance at Tempe Kiwanis Park Gym

Dallas Cowboys Legend & NFL Hall of Fame Running Back

Tony Dorsett at the store December 8

 Jonathan Ward autograph signing Thursday January 13 /  The NFL catch of the year against the Cowboys has been called Amazing - Incredible - Insane - Impossible - Mind Blowing - Unreal - Superman catch

The autographed helmet catch 8x10 photo $30 is now available in person & by mail


Thanks to the Barbarian Dennis Gardeck for

coming out Saturday January 16 

Thanks for your support over the past 33 years in the

Sports Memorabilia / Autograph signing / Retail sales
business. The Free Agent Sports Store inside Paradise Valley Mall is Permanently closed.

Contact: Jeff Thalblum 

623 587 9766